Oil Storage & Lubrication

Oil Storage & Lubrication

Oil storage and lubrication are critical elements of vehicle maintenance, helping to keep engines running smoothly and efficiently. The right equipment is essential to ensure that you can quickly and reliably store and dispense oils and lubricants, saving time and effort and maintaining optimal vehicle conditions.

Our range includes everything from a funnel or jug right through to Pump away waste oil drainers, oil pumps and a massive range of oil storage bunds and barrel bunds.

When purchasing oil storage and lubrication equipment, it's important to choose equipment that is reliable, durable, and designed to withstand heavy usage. The right equipment saves time and reduces tool maintenance requirements, delivering significant cost savings to your business.

At JHM BUTT, we take pride in being a top provider of garage equipment, with a vast range of high-quality oil storage and lubrication products that meet the most demanding industry standards. Our products are manufactured to exacting specifications, using advanced technology and top-quality materials. With JHM BUTT, you can trust that our products will provide long-lasting support and excellent performance.

NOTE: From 2001 DEFRA introduced oil storage regulations that state oil drums MUST be kept on a barrel bund or container that is at least 110% of the volume of the oil contained in the drum.

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