Space Heaters & Warmers

Space Heaters & Warmers

JHM BUTT & Co Ltd offer a wide range of space heaters and warmers specifically designed for use in garages and workshops. These heaters are essential during colder seasons to provide a comfortable working environment. We have different types available for purchase, including paraffin & diesel heaters, as well as propane & gas heaters, each with its own unique benefits.

Let's Talk About Our Heaters

Paraffin & diesel heaters are popular choices due to their efficiency and versatility. These heaters operate by burning paraffin or diesel fuel to produce heat. The fuel is ignited in a combustion chamber, and the resulting heat is circulated using a fan or blower. Paraffin & diesel heaters are known for their powerful heating capabilities, making them suitable for larger workshops or garages. They also provide the advantage of portability, allowing you to move them around as needed.

On the other hand, propane & gas heaters offer convenience and ease of use. These heaters utilize propane or natural gas to generate heat. They have burners or heating elements that rapidly heat up the surrounding air. Propane & gas heaters are known for their instant heat, making them a popular choice for smaller garages or workshops. They are also relatively cleaner to operate compared to paraffin & diesel heaters.

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