Wheel Alignment Equipment

Wheel Alignment Equipment

Ravaglioli Computerised Wheel Aligners from Butts of Bawtry UK Ltd.

All vehicles should have wheel alignment checks at regular intervals to ensure correct alignment for optimum fuel efficiency and safe handling. Measurement & adjustment can be undertaken using laser or optical systems but these require some operator skill and reference to manuals to obtain correct geometry values. Here at Butts of Bawtry, we can provide a diverse range of wheel alignment tools and equipment to both individuals and trade customers. 

Wheel Alignment Equipment For Businesses

For greater efficiency and to turn wheel alignment into a profit centre for your business a computerised wheel alignment system offers great advantages over traditional units. With a selection of 4CCD, 6CCD, 8CCD and 3D machines available we have a model for every application and for every budget.

PC based wheel alignment machines are potential profit centres, they tie up less capital and workshop space than an MOT lane for example and they can be quickly integrated into an existing workshop using a pit, 2 post lift with wheel tables or existing 4 post lift if there is no room or budget for a wheel alignment lift.

If you're looking for advice on choosing the right wheel alignment tools for your business, don't hesitate to get in touch today. Here at Butts of Bawtry, we can provide a diverse range of wheel alignment equipment and accessories to suit your needs. Call our experienced team today for a no-obligation chat about your needs.

All available for delivery throughout the UK Nationwide Delivery.

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