Coil Spring Compressors

Coil Spring Compressors

Professional Coil Spring Compressors available nationwide from JHM Butt & Co Ltd

We offer a massive range of Professional Coil Spring Compressors to suit every environment.  From Cheap and economic units right through to some of the safest machines on the market designed to protect the operator.  We believe that our Semad Air Operated Strut compressors are the safest on the market today.  Added to that they are fast and simple to operate.  We have mechanical units operated with a ratchet or torque wrench and air operated or pneumatic machines if you are looking for speed and safety! 

As well as ultra safe strut stations designed for compressing the strut when it is off the vehicle we can also supply units that are designed for use while the spring and strut is still on the car.

For any steering or suspension related product check out our entire range as we offer pretty much every tool needed to run your garage or busy workshop. 

We have sold our tools and garage equipment for the past 50 years to schools, colleges, councils, tyre bays, garages, car dealerships, bodyshops, truck workshops, MOT Bays and HGV repairers. So click to see our entire range or download our catalogue

We have been in business since 1971 and strive to offer the very best in quality products at a low price. 

All available for delivery throughout the UK Nationwide Delivery.

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