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Waste Oil Drainers & Extractors

Mobile Waste Oil Drainers and Extractors from Butts of Bawtry UK Ltd.

The process of removing waste oil from vehicle engines is potentially a messy process. This unwelcome task can be easily improved by the use of a suitable waste oil collector, in the olden days was sometimes called a ‘dalek’. Mobile Oil Drainers tend to be specified by one of the three methods of emptying them., either by manual emptying, pressurising the oil drainer with compressed air and blowing it out or by pumping it out with either a wall mounted or drainer mounted air operated pump. Drainers are available for mobile use and also models to mount in pits for CV & PSV applications. The other key point to address when choosing an oil drainer or extractor is to decide how to remove the oil from the vehicle. Traditionally the sump plug is removed and the oil is drained out of the engine by gravity. However some engines are difficult to access from below, boat engines for example or some static generators. For these together with some more modern vehicles which do not have a traditional sump plugs, the oil is extracted via the dip stick using an oil extractor. Dip Stick Extraction is generally undertaken by means of manual extraction or an air operated pneumatic extractor but there are now some extractors which use a pump to suck the oil out of the engine.

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