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Barrel, Drum & IBC Storage Bunds

We offer bunded cabinets, bunds for IBC tanks, bunded flooring, bunded trolleys and simply barrel bunds and oil drip trays

In 2005, the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations 2001 came into effect. Which means that if you store oil in drums or containers greater than 200 litres your company will be effected. Any oil drum must now be bunded. This means if there were to be a leak in the original container the leak would be contained and not leak into drains etc and cause damage to the environment. The regulations now state that the bund must have a capacity of not less than 110% of the largest oil drum or 25% of their total aggregate storage capacity, whichever the greater. We offer plastic oil bunds or steel barrel bunds. Steel are more hard wearing but more expensive.

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