Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lifts

Ravaglioli Scissor Lifts for Cars & Light Commercials and HGV's from Butts of Bawtry UK Ltd.

Short & Long Platform Car & Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Scissor Lifts offer an alternative to the traditional 2 & 4 post lifts offering a degree of space saving because of the lack of posts. Short platform scissor lifts pick up the vehicle on the jacking points and provide a wheel free solution with clear access between the platforms. Long platform scissor lifts pick up on the vehicle wheels but can be equipped with either a jacking beam or a secondary lifting table to provide a wheel free option. These lifts can be supplied in either surface or recessed models and have capacities ranging from 2500 kilos to 6000 kilos.

Commercial Vehicle Scissor Lifts provide a viable option to inspection pits. They remove the trips & fall hazard inherent with an inspection pit and offer the same degree of access to the vehicle. Accessories available include inspection lights and jacking beams to provide a wheel free option. Ravaglioli Commercial Scissor Lifts can also be supplied for outside use in a wash bay or external inspection role and can be galvanised to offer increased protection against corrosion. With a range from 25 tonne to 35 tonne RAV commercial scissor lifts are suitable for most applications in a truck workshop.

We have our own team of experienced and GEA accredited installation engineers as well as service and repair engineers. Let us know your requirements today and we will offer you the best in terms of price and quality of service.

All available for delivery throughout the UK Nationwide Delivery.

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