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Wheel Alignment Bars (Motorcycle)

Code: WAB0001



Wheel Alignment Bars for use with Motorbikes

This kit comprises of one blank aluminium bar and one aluminium bar that is threaded with a hole cut through the thread at an angle. There is also a 10mm stud with a black handle attached.

To use this product place a bar either side of the rear wheel of the bike and then pass the 10mm stud and handle through the blank bar and through the rear wheel between the spokes of the bike. Then the threaded bar that has been drilled through at an angle will allow you to push the stud through untill each of the bars pinch onto the tyre walls of the rear tyre.
You can then pull them parallel and nip up again against the tyre wall, then follow the bars down to the front wheel and measure that the gap between the bars and the front tyre walls is the same both sides you can then be sure the wheels are in line.

Be mindfull that some scooters and the odd bike do have offset wheels so you cant check them, however 99% of bikes and scooters should have the alignment checked in this way.

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Additional Info

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