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Waeco Automatic Air Conditioning Unit

Code: ASC2000RPA

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WAECO ASC 2000 RPA Fully automatic A/C service unit with refrigerant analysis

The unnoticed presence of contaminated refrigerant in a vehicle A/C system or refrigerant bottle runs the risk of contaminating all the vehicles serviced afterwards. The workshop owner may face substantial damage claims as a result. A refrigerant analysis tool prevents the trouble.
RPA stands for Refrigerant Purity Analyser – a system which checks whether the vehicle A/C system and A/C service unit really contain pure R134a and nothing else. Besides R 134a, the ASC 2000RPA also recognises R 12, R 22, HC and air.

The most frequent reasons for refrigerants contamination are refrigerants imported from the Far East or the presence of air in the vehicle A/C system.

A vehicle A/C system can only operate successfully when filled with pure R 134a. Air entering the system means a serious problem.
Possible consequences: Increased operating pressure and functional problems of the A/C system. Corrosion caused by the humidity admitted with the air. Substantial reduction of the refrigeration performance. Substantial strain on the compressor suction and pressure valves caused by increased pressure in the system.

Nitrogen Leak Check

In order to meet our commitment to protect our environment it is necessary to release as little refrigerant as possible into the atmosphere. In addition to the existing, fully automatic vacuum leak test function integrated in the service unit it is possible to admit nitrogen to the system. This method eliminates the drawback of leak tests solely by vacuum (components such as A/C tubes might contract and thus close a leak). Exposure to pressurised nitrogen during A/C service tells you immediately whether the system is tight. The test is carried out fully automatic by the ASC 2000RPA.

Quoted Price includes for:
Brief Product Training.

Unit is delivered c/w:
500ml Universal Oil,
236ml Tracer UV Dye,
Safety Goggles
Dust Cover

•Charging cylinder storage capacity: 21 kg, vacuum pump capacity: 5 cars/h
•Patented feeding system for fresh oil and UV additive incl. test bottles
•Print-out of important service data, several print-outs possible
•Dust cover included
•Fully automatic refrigerant recycling, oil and additive management
•Automatic vacuum check
•Automatic charging of leak detection additive
•Integrated refrigerant charging and recovery amount management
•Integrated charging amount database
•Complies with SAE J 2099 and SAE J 2788
•Personalised charging amount database
•Operator guidance via large display and manometer
•Swivel and tilt manometer panel (patented)
•Heated charging cylinder for high-speed charging, heat-up also possible during the charging process
•Special, 8-bearing weighing platform
•Special air conditioner flush function
•500 ml used oil container for longer change intervals
•Also suitable for German-make hybrid vehicles
•Suitable for Asian-make hybrid vehicles when optional flushing kit is installed
•USB interface
•Soft graphic display
• ASC 2000 RPA

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Additional Info

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