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Tyre Pressure & Tread Gauges

TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring devices, Tyre Tread Measuring Tools from Butts of Bawtry UK Ltd.

When it comes to measuring tyre tread wear on car and truck tyres we have the solution to meet every budget. From the basic manual or digital tyre tread depth gauges right through to complex digital measuring tools that can be downloaded to pc based software to enable you to keep track of tyre pressures or tread depth measurements on your fleet of vehicles therefore proving that your company undertakes various checks. We also offer our very own Tyre Tread Width Gauge which can measure the tread across the width of your tyre. Added to this we have our Bartec range of TPMS and Tread measuring tools which are one of the very best on the market. They are sold world wide and also used in many Original Equipment Manufacturers

All available for delivery throughout the UK Nationwide Delivery.