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Thermoplastic Road Marking

Thermoplastic Line Marking Rolls of Tape is a heavy duty and hard wearing product that will provide a cost effective solution to mark out parking pays, inform of speed restrictions or other warning symbols etc. These symbols or line markings can be used on various surfaces such as concrete or tarmac surfaces in car parks, garages, mot parking bays, footpaths, school playgrounds, cycle paths, airports etc See our online video for more details.. The road marking lines come in different widths from 50mm right through to 500mm. Hotline Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape is ready to drive over literally minutes after installation and is very hard wearing and therefore provides a cost effective way of marking bays for car parks or traffic symbols etc. Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape should only be applied by using the correct butane gas torch which melts the tape to the pre-primed surface. Not only is this method safe for the user it is also safe for the environment too. All products available from Butts of Bawtry UK by nationwide delivery. Give us a call today 01302 710868.