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SOS Mobile Boosters - The most powerful Battery Booster Packs on the market suitable for the garage, workshop, Recovery operator, with boosters available for cars, vans, lorries, trucks, buses, quarry and plant machinery, aeroplanes, trains. You name it we have battery jump starters that will meet your requirements!

Professional / Quality / Performance

Voltage - 12v and 24v
Cranking Amps - 6400/3200a
Peak Amps - 15550/7750a
Number of Batteries - 2
Cable length - 1.95 Metre
Cable Diameter - 70mm2
Clamp Length - 215mm
Clamp Opening - 54mm
Automatic Charger - 7Ah
Comes with 12v Outlet (16amp fuse protected)
Reverse Polarity Signalt to prevent damage
Internal Fuse on Batteries
Weight 68.5 kilo
Size - 47 x 34 x 97cm

Industrial Super Duty Booster Packs
SOS 12v & 24volt Mobile Unit

Suitable for
In 12 Volt: Petrol, diesel, light trucks, 4x4, agricultural service and heavy trucks for several consecutive starting attempts. * Starts a combine harvester John Deere 480HP diesel without batteries.

In 24 Volt: Heavy diesel trucks, bus, tanks, planes, boats and trains.
To start engines up to 1500HP which have been stationary for a long time. In extreme temperature conditions from -30 degrees to +60 degrees without batteries.

Starts 1500HP Leopard Tank, mercedes diesel engine with 16 cylinders and 38 litres without batteries.

SOS Booster key features:
This range of boosters come with a polarity protection buzzer that warns you if the wrong lead is connected to the wrong battery terminal.

Manual Voltage Selector allows the user to connect the leads to the vehicle (A buzzer sound if the polarity is incorrect). Then user plugs the voltage selector into either 12v or 24v. No sparks, arcing or spikes and prevents damage to vehicle.

* The Battery
The heart of any Booster
An AGM battery with pure lead plates (MADE IN USA - Easily Replaceable)
Battery based on Aerospace technology ensures exceptional performance & service life
The batteries are designed for extra ordinary energy storage and delivery capacity at very high currents

* The Body
1 Piece body for extra strength. Many boosters break if dropped... No ours!!!
Lightweight yet Robust shell case design
5mm shatterproof PE resistant to shocks and corrosive materials
Lifetime guarantee on the jump starter case

* The Clamps
Curved clamps for easy access to battery terminals
Robust wide opening Clamps with bronze jaws
High resistance to short circuits for longer life span
Fully insulated
Copper trace to ensure current to both jaws
Resistant & Robust Spring

* The Cables
Radaflex Welding Cables
Copper double insulated cables long enough to use booster from the ground (1 Man Operation)
Cables have optimal flexibility that keep their shape! Wires don't break.
Don't distort or kink and resistant to temperatures from -30 to +90 degrees Celsius

* Cigar Lighter Plug
Protected by a plastic cap from water and dust
Protected by a 16a fuse

* The Voltmeter
Illuminated voltmeter allows you to check charging level of booster and the alternator output
Precise display showing exact voltage

* The Charger
The charging unit is just as important as the booster. It is electronic and fully automatic so when charged it turns to trickle mode to keep the battery in optimal condition.

* Electronic Protection
These boosters when used correctly as per the manual CANNOT damage a vehicles electrics.

You will not buy a better Booster pack than SOS - don't compromise on quality when you need it.
SOS Boosters are Manufacturered in Europe.
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