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Air Con Purifier Air Cleansing Machine

Code: AC29170



Purifier is the most powerful and effective eliminator of all those 'living odours' found in cars, trucks, caravans and boats. It not only eliminates obvious odours such as smoke, mildew, and cooking smells, but also seeks out harmful bacteria and allergens in every nook and cranny by permeating the fabrics of upholstery, seats, roof linings and trim, as well as the air circulation system. Purifies within minutes.

Ozone is one of the most powerful and effective eliminators of smoke and a myriad of other odours. Purifier machines create ozone to destroy tobacco smoke and its inherent impurities, plus odours from pets, mould, mildew and other sources. Elimination of these hazards provides a much healthier atmosphere and a more comfortable living environment in the car, truck, caravan or boat.

If you've already tried ultrasonic misters, you'll like Purifier a lot better:
* No Consumables
* More profit on each job
* No chemicals or REACh compliance to worry about

* Leaves a medically safer in-car environment
* Kills bacteria
* Destroys mould spores

* Leaves a fresher interior
* Eliminates bad smells and odours
* Eliminates smoke and smoky residues

* Variable electronic timer control with LCD and auto shut off

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Additional Info

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