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PCL Air Forecourt Unit with Compressor

Code: D82SS10C



PCL Self-Contained Inflation Tower with built in 7bar Compressor

Air Only c/w compressor 7.5m coiled Clip-on

0-75lbf/in² default & 0-5.5bar

The latest tower is designed to meet the exacting and testing demands of the modern petrol forecourt while also providing a modern and stylish appearance.

The stainless steel casing offers long life and the ability to resist the harsh environment while keeping the unit looking attractive. All the components from the housing through to the inflator, the hose and even the radiator filler are built for ease of use, reliability and long life.

The ability to incorporate a compressor in the units makes them the ultimate in flexibility and able to cope whether mains air is available or not.

All units combine the user friendly, robust design with leading sensor technology, electronics and proprietary software. As a result the Free Standing range offers the simplest and safest of complete tyre inflation formats with the retail customer presetting the required pressure and then placing the connector on the tyre with the in-built auto-start function doing the rest. The highly durable ceramic sensor in the inflator allows consistent extremely accurate tyre pressure measurement.

For the operator the attractive yet robust design offers simple installation and long life with a range of options including, air and water delivery, as well as compressors. At the same time the proven electronics and stable software mean low operating and maintenance costs while the simple diagnostics offer excellent fault finding capabilities.

All this enables operators to cost effectively offer first class inflation services even in remote locations where no mains air exists.

Key Product Benefits
•Consistent cost effective provision of high levels of safe tyre inflation
•Low life-cycle costs
•Self contained units
•Robust and reliable design
•High flexibility - wide choice of options to suit exact requirements
•Easy to operate
•Suitable where mains air is not available
Key Product Features
•Accurate and repeatable inflation
•Electronic preset pressure setting
•Quick, easy installation
•Full menu driven list of options to suit every requirement
•Auto start function
•Default to safe setting
•High quality ceramic sensor
•Audible and visual end of cycle signal
•Stainless steel construction
•High quality options - air and water, internal compressor, internal heater, hose and connectors

Accuracy to +/- 0.5% of full scale reading
Reading Accuracy 0.1 bar / 1 psi / 5 kPa / 0.1 kg/cm²
Max Inlet Pressure 16 bar / 232 psi / 1600 kPa / 16.3 kg/cm²
Inflation flow 400 l/min @ 10 bar supply

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Additional Info

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