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Glo-Leak Pure 250ml (50-doses) R134a

Code: GL1284A



Glo-Leak® UV has been successfully and safely used in vehicle air conditioners since the dying days of R12 and CFC refrigerants over 25 years ago. Glo-Leak® for Mobile A/C is engineered using the very best and purest ingredients to
give the brightest fluorescence with the smallest dose size.

Carefully packaged in our unique moisture barrier dispensing containers and hermetic cartridges, Glo-Leak® for A/C contains no added solvents, and will work brilliantly with a good UVA 365, UV400 or UV+Blue tracer lamp.

Suitable for R134a (& legacy R12) systems Glo-Leak® Pure 1284 is for R134a automotive a/c systems. The recommended dosage is just 5ml per 250ml of lubricant, and it is much stronger than most rival products. Use GL1284 when adding dye via your A/C service machine, or when mini doses cannot be measured accurately, or when price per bottle is paramount. Also good for use with Primalec injectors.

250ml (50-doses) dispensing bottle with 5/25ml measure.

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Additional Info

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