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Gas Leak Detection Spray 400ml

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Leak Detection Spray: - A proprietary leak detection spray which meets BS EN 14291:2004 requirements. This will be necessary to confirm a fuel leak on gas powered vehicles. Although this is compulsory equipment there will be no requirement to enter it on the VTS Device.

Please note that there is no expiry date for this product.

Meets the standard required for MOT Testing

Required for all classes 3, 4, 5, & 7 by January 1st 2012

• For Gas Leak Detection on LPG powered vehicles
• Micro-porous foam shows up leaks at any location
• Compressed Air Propellant
• Non-flammable
• Any angle spray
• Kind to your Skin
• No Unpleasant Odour
• Safe on Clothes, metals, woods, glass, plastics and all gases.
• 400ml cans

The GLS0400 is a professional industrial grade gas leak detector fluid which is completely non-flammable. It makes it possible to immediately locate any compressed gas or air leaks caused by corrosion, vibration, and mechanical faults. This will save dangerous, labour intensive and expensive gas leaks. The MOT gas leak detecting fluid will detect mini leaks and leaks under low pressure. Ideal for checking the sealing on piping, taps, connections, and valves without
discontinuing their operation. The aerosol propellant is compressed air. The propellant always remains inside the aerosol canister. Our detector spray is kind to skin and has no unpleasant odour; it is safe on clothes, metals, wood, glass, plastics and all gases. These gases include natural gas, air, propane, butane, oxygen, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, CO2 and refrigerant gases. Our spray is used to locate the source of a gas leak and bubble size indicates gas leak rate. Large gas leaks set off bubbles, while minor gas leaks produce foaming.

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Additional Info

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