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Fume Extraction Hose Crushproof 100mm

Code: CPH100MM



Priced per metre but ONLY sold in multiples of 5 metres upto a maximum of 20 metres

Rubber armoured high density flexible hose suitable for the exhaust extraction from petrol or diesel engines. A robust nylon helix internally fit can maintain the original hose conformation even if the hose is subject to crush or flattening. The internal surface is smooth and oiled for protecting against the contamination of toxic acids adn vapours and allos a faster flow of the gases. Suitable to resist up to 200 degrees of maximum temperature.
Suitable for fume & exhaust extraction reels, sliding trolleys & underground systems.

For more details on the range of exhaust extraction, welding fume extraction & dust extraction systems & installations please contact our sales office.

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Additional Info

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