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EOBD Code Breaker Manual

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Code Breaker Book by Peter Coombes

Following on from past successes in producing technician friendly information, Peter Coombes has created the "EOBD Code Breaker" book, which provides interpretation and meaningful descriptions for over 2,700 EOBD fault codes.

The Code Breaker has been developed to clear up many of the misinterpretations and misunderstandings that exist around the use of EOBD fault codes. Peter says "with EOBD Faults Codes being applied to vehicles for around 10 years, the vast majority of light vehicles passing through workshops are able to provide an EOBD code. One of the biggest problems however is the lack of clarity available from the standard fault code descriptions; the book therefore provides an explanation of what component or which system each of the fault codes relate to, but additionally, there is an indication as to what is causing the fault and what checks to perform". Peter also states "having gained opinions from many customers, it was apparent that for this type of information, which is effectively an immediate reference, Code Breaker would be regarded as a workshop tool rather than just an information product.

Peter has maintained his tradition of providing educational information as well as providing the main content for the book; the view being that by providing additional knowledge, the technician is better placed to deal with the problems. The book therefore includes chapters that explain why and how fault codes are activated, how the ECU identifies faults and, a chapter that provides additional component checks.

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