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Digital Multimeter 19 Function

Code: MM19



High quality general purpose multimeter with a large (25mm), clear and easy to read LCD display. Supplied with full set of leads and probes.

• AC and DC Volts
• DC Amps
• Ohms Resistance
• Diode/Transistor Verification Model

Voltage DC: 200mV (±0.25%), 2V, 20V, 200V (±0.5%)
Voltage AC: 200V, 750V (±1.2%)
Current DC: 200µA, 2000µA, 20mA (±1%), 200mA (±1.2%), 10A (±2%)
Resistance: 200O, 2kO, 20kO, 200kO (±0.8%), 2MO (±1%)
Continuity: n/a
Diode Test: Forward voltage drop
Transistor Test: hFE @ 10µA & 2.8Vce

Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight 0.2400
Country of Manufacture N/A
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