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Brake Roller Regritting PATCH Kit Class5

Code: TK/COM11



Commerical Class 5 MOT Brake Roller Re-Gritting PATCH KIT

This kit provides enough materials to coat 1 full commercial brake roller only. Kit to do all rollers are available


If you carry out Brake Testing, there's a Pegasus Kit designed to keep the gritted surfaces of your equipment in peak condition at all times. They're designed for the waste-free repair of a patch, a roller, or all four rollers, as required. A Pegasus Kit means one less expensive servicing problem. This is especially true for Commercial Rollers. The new One Day kits, originally designed for engineers, reduce downtime to overnight. Special Kits using Very Coarse Grit can be supplied for Rollers subjected to very dirty tyres.


Kits use MiniMixes - small accurate, easy to make mixes, avoiding waste, even for small patches.
Four sizes of kits are available with material for 1 to 4 full rollers, or the equivalent area of patches.
Unused material keeps until the next job. Kits have been successfully used for up to 10 years!
Using a Pegasus Kit saves a high proportion of the cost of having new rollers fitted or existing ones regritted.
Coatings last at least a year, usually three or four, before minor, easily repairable wear occurs.
Kits are self contained and easy to use and bring Regritting into the normal planned maintenance schedule.
Repairs are completed overnight or within the weekend shutdown period, summer or winter using the one day kit.
Older standard (48hr) kit is still available if required.
Repairs can be carried out with or without removing rollers.
Prepare as for painting - use a needle gun, angle grinder, or shot blaster.
Effective winter or summer, just gently warm the rollers in winter.
Can be used as a general purpose Non-Slip product if required.
Need any technical backup? Just call Pegasus - we design & manufacture all our products!


Clean Rollers.
Mix Bonding Agent, Hardener & Thickener & brush on.
Apply Ceramic Grit.
Allow to stiffen & repeat steps 2 & 3.
Cure overnight.
Back in use.

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