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Updated Brake Piston Wind Back Kit 22pc

Code: WBT0003



Updated kit from our popular WBT0001 includes the NEW 3 Pin VAG Adaptor. This Master set of adaptors is suitable for a wide range of vehicle applications. Suitable for push back and wind back brake pistons.

Includes left and right handed thrust bolt assemblies. Left handed thrust bolt required for Ford, Citroen and Renault applications. Precision made adaptor plates with thrust bolt assembly and reaction plate. Helps prevent damage to pistons and seals.


Applications Include:
Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Toyota, VW, Volvo.

Item Part Description
0 prh-01 2-1/2'' single pin disc for general motors
1 prh-02 Plate
2 prh-03 2-1/64'' single pin disc for Citroen/ XM,Xantia(f/r)
3 prh-04 2-5/32'' three pin disc for Audi(f), Fiat/Alfa Romeo(f), Ford Fiesta(f), Honda, Concesto(f), Jaguar XJ6, XJ40(f/r),BMW 318is, 320i, 325td, 518i, 525i,1x,740i,850ci, M5(f), Mitsubishi Colt(f), Nissan Almera, Stanza, Sunny(f), Range Rover, Austin, Metro, Rover 200 & 400 series, Maestro, Montego(f), Toyota Camry(f),Volvo (f),VW Passat, Golf, GTI (f)
4 prh-05 1-1/4'' no pin disc for Ford, Mazda?(r) Saab 9000(r), Fiat/Alfa Romeo (r), Honda Prelude, CRS, 16i, GM Saturn, Grand Prix, Lumina(r)
5 prh-06 3/8'' adaptor
6 prh-08 1-21/32 two pin disc for Nissan Primera, VW-Golf IV
7 prh-07 1-21/32'' two pin disc for Audi 80,90, V8 100, Coupe E , Range Rover 800, Subaru L, Ford Sierra, Granada, Scorpio, Nissan Bluebird, Silvia, Primera, Peugeot 405, 1.9GI, GRO, Sri, GTXI, Mi, 2.0 Sri, Toyota Celica Corolla, GT, MR2, VW Golf GTI, Jetta, Synchro, Jetta GTI, Passat Cl, Gl, GT, Corrado, Scirroca, GTX
8 prh-09 1-7/8'' single pin disc for general motors
9 prh-10 2-1/8'' single pin disc for general motors, Cadillac Seville and EI Dorado
A prh-11 1-3/16'' two pin disc for Renault 21, Laguna
E prh-12 1-21/32'' four pin disc for Cefiro, Maxima
F prh-13 1-1/4'' two pin disc for Opel
L prh-14 left hand thrust bolt
K prh-15 2-1/18'' two pin disc for Citroen c5
M prh-16 1-1/4'' two pin disc for Ford
N prh-17 1-1/4'' hex disc for Saab, Honda
R prh-18 right hand thrust bolt
O prh-19 plate
K1 prh-20 2-1/8'' two pin disc
K2 prh-21 1-25/32 two pin disc
22 prh-22 blow mold case
Added VW adaptor

Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight 2.8000
Country of Manufacture N/A
Size N/A


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