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Bazooka Bead Seating Tool 6ltr

Code: TC903



Sealey Bazooka Bead Seating Tool 6 Litre Tank

• Latest generation of bead seating tools that produces a massive punch despite its size.
• Produces a instant large blast of air into the tyre forcing the tyre bead to seat against the wheel rim for inflation.
• Fully certified tank with gauge and safety valve that stops the user over pressurising.
• The unit comes with a push button trigger that allows the mechanic or tyre fitter to keep both hands free for better control.
• Suitable for use on cars, light commercials and ATV tyres.
• Supplied with safety goggles, ear plugs and a wall mounted bracket.

Model No: TC903
Maximum Pressure: 150psi(10bar)
Tank Capacity: 6ltr
Weight: 5.6kg

Similar to Apaseal BB06L

Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight 6.6200
Country of Manufacture N/A
Size N/A