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Airco Breeze Aircon Sanitizer 250ml x12

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Box of 12 Airco Breeze Aircon Sanitizer 250ml

Moisture in the air collects on the evaporator core's external surfaces, where it condenses into water. Most water drains out, but some stays put.
So when the car is not running, the dark, wet and warm evaporator chamber is an ideal breeding environment for the moulds and bacteria which cause unpleasant odours.
As the mould matures it gives off spores, which join bacteria, pollen and other particles that dislodge to join the airflow into your nasal passages and lungs as you breathe.

Removes harmful bacteria and bad smells from Vehicle A/Cs, leaving a pleasant long lasting Sea Breeze aroma.
This economical easy to apply product is the simple way to rid your customers' air conditioned cars of 'old socks' or 'dead mouse' odour. Its non-tacky, non foam formula treats up to 3 cars. Airco Breeze, when correctly applied, cleans and disinfects the evaporator chamber and air channels, including evaporator surfaces, killing bacteria in the process. It takes only minutes to perform a lasting cleansing. Each treatment is supplied with a 60cm long extension tube.

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Additional Info

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