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Adjustable High Lift Pads (Oblong) (4)

Code: HLK0001



Adjustable High Lift Extensions for Scissor Lifts (Oblong)

The extensions are designed for use on vehicles such as 4x4's & Vans, where the location for lifting is inside the bodywork where suitable for the vehicle. DO NOT position on the sills, suspension or any moving component.

All four of the stands MUST be used together to ensure that the vehicle remains level to the lift at all times.

Only position the stands on the lift where all the base section makes contact. Position the stands in the area suitable for the vehicle and adjust the height so when lowered onto the stands the vehicle wheels are just off the surface of the lift thus ensuring that the stands have not been adjusted too high.

Before working on the vehicle or removing any wheels make sure that the vehicle is level, secure & safe on the stands.

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